Salmon Tartar

With today’s delicious recipe I really intend to get into holiday mood! Finally, after two months of working and staying mostly at home we’ll head off to a week of sunshine in Spain. I know it sounds stupid but it feels like a long time since we went on holiday. Yet it doesn’t really, as time appears to fly by this year. It feels like autumn anyway around here with only 10 to 20°C and without sunshine yet with as much rain it could be a wet November. Maybe that is why I feel like Christmas is around the corner. Oh well, there you go, I REALLY need some summer now. The weather forecast is pretty awesome for Barcelona. We’ll finally get some summer sun in September. Which is desperately needed after a cooooold and wet August.

We already went to Barcelona last year in September to have a final week of warm weather and sunshine. We drove South of Barcelona along the coast to Valencia and stayed at various places along the way. It is really worth a drive I must say. We had great weather, stunning landscape and of course absolutely delicious food along the way. At the end of our trip we stayed in Barcelona for a few days and met up with friends of ours. It was then that we got invited to their wedding this year. Which is the reason why we will take this trip to Spain. Pretty much exactly one year later they will marry next week North of Barcelona. Can you ask for a better reason to go to Spain again? I don’t think so. We will take the opportunity and have a couple of days at the beach and enjoy Spanish lifestyle!

Salmon Tartar

Last year we went to a seafood place in Barcelona called La Paradeta. You cannot really call it a restaurant. It’s a mixture of a market and a restaurant. You queue in front of the bar and choose what you want from the display and they will prepare it the way you want it – grill, fry, deep fry. The food was delicious and rather affordable for the quality and quantity of seafood you get here. Also the beer is cheap, not an unimportant fact. So we are definitely planning to go there again this time.

In order to get into the mood of seafood, we had this salmon tartar a couple of days back. I love fish and seafood and this tartar is really easy to make and tastes wonderfully fresh. Use the last days of summer in order to try it out. The single most important thing with this dish is to get really good quality salmon. I usually ask for sushi quality. That way you are sure that it’s safe to eat it raw as well. I have always loved raw meat. When I was younger we sometimes had steak tartar at home for dinner and it was just delicious. I love dishes where you don’t have a heavy sauce or tons of different flavors that cover the real flavor of the fish or meat. This tartar is really clean and fresh with a bit of lemon juice. With a rotary cutter you can also make this tartar look quite sophisticated. If you have a toaster it’s even easier to get those circles nice and crunchy. I don’t have one due to the lack of space in my kitchen and therefore had to use the oven. It does work as well, just takes longer. Being served in those circles it’s definitely something for a lovely summer party at Angie’s Fiesta Friday. I hope you all get to enjoy a late summer weekend with some delicious food!



SERVES: 2   |  PREP TIME: 20 min

Salmon Tartar


300g good quality salmon
juice of 1/2 lemon
couple of chives
olive oil
salt and pepper
2-4 slices black bread


Use a rotary cutter the size you prefer and cut two or four circles of bread out of the slices and toast them (roast them in the oven if you don’t have a toaster). Chop the salmon filet in small pieces. They don’t have to be evenly sized but can vary in size. Place the chopped salmon in a medium sized bowl. Chop as many chives as you fancy and add to the salmon. Add a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Taste the mixture if you like it that way. You can add some more lemon juice or oil if you like.

Put the rotary cutter on a plate and place the bread in it. Place half of the tartar on to of it and press down. Use some of the chives to garnish and serve with one of the remaining bread circles cut in two. Repeat on the second plate.

Take the shrimp out of the lime juice and mix with the vegetables. Then add as  much lime juice as you like, I use about half of it. Place on plates or in glasses and serve with crackers.

Party Dips – Guacamole and Tapenade

I did not remember how exhausting Birthdays are… I’ll probably forget again until next year and do the same thing again. The whole celebration weekend started with a dinner at a nice Japanese Restaurant. We already went there once a couple of months back and loved it. It was amazing, they offer lovely sushi as well as awesome starters. We never had any main dish but they look great as well. We finished our dinner with hot chocolate cake with green tea ice cream. What a start to the whole weekend.

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Trilogy of Wantons

When I was about five or six years old, we sometimes went to a Chinese restaurant near our house. One of the very few I must say. There wasn’t much foreign food in the countryside of Germany 20 years ago. We usually went there for some buffet kind of lunch. I always had the wanton soup. I don’t remember me eating much else. Maybe I indulged in every bit of the buffet and just don’t remember it. Anyway, I mainly remember the wanton soup (and that my brother looooved sweet and sour duck). If you are fast enough and eat it while it is still hot, the wantons are still nice and crunchy and not yet soaked with soup – which is really what you don’t want. I always loved going to that restaurant. Mainly because it offered types of food we didn’t really have at home – unhealthy fried things. Or maybe just because I’ve always loved to eat out at restaurants. I don’t know what it was but I loved it.

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Shrimp Ceviche and How I Got to Know it

The first time I heard about Ceviche was last year. I cannot believe it took me so long now that I know it. How could I – avocado-lime-prawn-lover that I am – have not come across it earlier in my life? But I’ll start from the beginning…

During the last semester of my Master program every student could do their semester abroad. You don’t have to but if you want to go, you are free to do so. During that last semester, just like the fifth semester of my Bachelor program, you can go study at another University anywhere you want. There are people going to Bali, Iceland or Malaysia. I wasn’t that adventurous and did one in Melbourne, Australia and the second one in Paris, France. During the semester in Australia, the boyfriend stayed at home in Frankfurt and kept working. He had lived in Melbourne for a year a couple of years earlier while studying there as well. So when he came visit me after five months he got to meet friends from back than and we traveled around Australia for five weeks. Awesome by the way, don’t miss Western Australia, it’s worth a visit. Then we flew back to Singapore where I did a three months internship, he flew back home after a few days.

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Kreppel, Berliner or as the Berliner says Pfannkuchen

I am allowed to eat again! Can you believe it? I was so relieved when the boyfriend and I decided to end the cleanse after 6 days. It was enough! Now I can tell you that it doesn’t get easier after day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Don’t let them fool you, it’s not true (for everybody)! My colleague compares it to a runner’s high after which you can continue to run and run and don’t get tired. I have to admit that I personally have also never experienced one of those – only know it from hearsay. Of course one reason for this could be that I never run long enough, but oh well who can tell. Back to the topic, there was no cleanse high for me within the first six days! And people tell me that the high usually is around day 3 to 6. Maybe people who already had a runner’s high have better chances at getting a cleanse high. Who knows?

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